The word prostitute brings forth, lowered heads, shame and stigma for all. The one who utters, or listens too, and the prostitute herself is like a bad word personified. Why this behavior towards these souls? We always wonder, and don’t get an answer.

We are always, trying to degrade them, through some form or the other and they are even not included as part of a civilized society. But all knows their existence. And some members of the Society, have a need or demand for their services, is the reason of their existence in first place. No demand, and there will definitely be no supply too.
And we all know the supply, is illegal, nobody recruits, them through proper legal channels. Just like every illegal activity, this is part of the system. No civilized person, would want his or her loved ones, to fall into the garb of this menace. So why don’t we put an end to this? The answer, to this “It’s not that simple”. Well many have tried to put an end to this, through, restricted means, some lives have changed, but major system remains unaffected.

Baba Ram Rahim, too felt the same for these souls, who are forced into this profession. And have to face a living hell, everyday. And he put forth this suggestion to his followers, if they are willing to improve the lives of these souls, and even named them “Shubh-Devis” Kind of good luck charms.

He asked his disciples, if they would want to adopt these Shubh Devis, if they were rescued from brothels and brought into the ashram. And an overwhelming crowd nodded in yes. 1500, youngsters, who were educated and eligible bachelors, rose to the occasion instantly, to even marry the shubh devis and adopt their kids too, as their own kids.

Now that is the passion to change the face of Society and more than a dozen, shubh Devi marriages have taken place since. These shubh devis, have found families for themselves,in the form, of Dera Followers. Only if more such families were willing to come forward and heal the souls of these, pain ridden, daughters of the Society. No wonder, Baba Ram Rahim is proud of his followers, who on a single call, joined him to be part of the transformation. These, Shubh Devis are living perfectly normal lives, loving their families, and getting abundance of selfless love in return.

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