Cloud-based central management software (cms) provides easy control, management and savings

FREMONT, CA, June 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dhyan Networks and Technologies Inc. (Dhyan), the device management experts, today announced that, with Dhyan partner Besser Lighting, Siemens in Santa Catarina City, Mexico has successfully replaced the fluorescent lighting in their warehouse with smart LEDs managed by LightMan, Dhyan’s cloud-based state-of-the-art central management software (CMS) for buildings, area lighting and campuses.

“We had previously partnered with Echelon for their smart lighting controllers,” said Daniel Torres, Operations Director of Besser Lighting. “But halfway through the project Echelon was acquired and support for LumInsight, their Cloud CMS was withdrawn. Luckily Dhyan stepped up with their LightMan CMS which has turned out to be a much better option,” he continued. “LightMan provisioned smart LEDs with zero-touch auto-provisioning. All nodes and multiple gateways were up and running in just two days.”

“Besser Lighting was able to deliver the project to Siemens on time, and with a better user experience, and this is the first of three warehouse projects we are delivering for Siemens,” said Torres. “LightMan allows lighting levels to be adjusted to match the task being performed in any area, set dimming schedules, and harvest daylight by automatically adjusting for natural lighting, resulting in energy savings and improvements in the working environment,” he added.

Dhyan has been providing device management software for over 15 years to technology companies that cater to customers in the telecom, IoT and smart grid markets.

A cloud-based SaaS product, LightMan is technology-agnostic and vendor-neutral, with built-in support for several industry standard protocols such as MQTT and RESTful APIs, and communication technologies such as Zigbee, LoRa, Wirepas, NB-IoT, Powerline, Cellular, etc. LightMan is a secure and easy-to-use comprehensive Central Management System (CMS) that monitors and manages smart light assets and sensors which are typically used in area lighting such as warehouses, campuses, and smart buildings.

“Warehouse space is experiencing double-digit growth, and eCommerce companies need to keep their costs and energy usage under control,” said Prakash Ramadass, Dhyan VP Smart Cities. “Smart LEDs with central management software such as LightMan can maximize their savings while providing their employees with optimal light levels for different tasks in different parts of the building.”

The Dhyan family of central management software for the IoT market consists of LightMan for managing smart area lights such as in warehouses, campuses, and smart buildings, StreetMan for managing smart streetlights, and CitiMan for managing smart city IoT assets.

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About Dhyan
Dhyan Networks and Technologies Inc. (Dhyan) has been providing device management software for over 15 years to technology companies that cater to customers in the telecom, IoT and smart grid markets. Dhyan’s technology has been deployed at medium-size businesses, municipalities, schools and Fortune 100 companies where it is managing millions of endpoints. Dhyan’s products are capable of managing simple devices such as a streetlight controller to highly complex devices such as a fabric switch or a core router. Dhyan’s patented, scalable, and secure management software is consistently rated highly by Dhyan’s customers and Dhyan as a company enjoys 100% customer satisfaction.

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