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NEW YORK, NY, March 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — LUGOLABS INC, the 3D printer manufacturer, is releasing “LUGO G3,” the high-efficiency dual FFF 3D printer, on Kickstarter.

LUGOLABS’s dual FFF 3D printer is equipped with technology that lets users use even more diverse kinds of materials, while also providing you with simple and stable multi-material printing. And regarding the printer’s usability, all operation and maintenance is possible from the front without rotation.

Until now, most 3D printer users have had to use a wipe-tower when switching between nozzles during dual-material printing. However, wipe-towers come with lots of disadvantages. Above all, they consume far too much time, waste lots of materials, and can even collapse in the middle of your print, ruining the whole project. These drawbacks are solved cleverly by the new ‘Purge-box’ technology.

Purge-box technology lets you easily print bonding materials with high stability, leading to a rapidly reduced failure rate and increased productivity.

LUGOLABS’s second unique dual technology is the DCH-head – developed for users to dual print far more conveniently and precisely. This technology is patented by LUGOLABS Inc. themselves.

DCH head stands for Dual Cone-shape head. With this technology, a cone-shaped nozzle is attached and detached to the heatblock repeatedly through the dual printing process. This comes with several advantages. First of all, as the nozzle is distanced from the heatblock, you don’t need to put your energy into thermal control in the slicing software. In addition, the amount of time saved is tremendous. This is because DCH head makes cooling and heating much quicker than when you control the temperature manually. Furthermore, there’s no more need for dual calibration, as the nozzle is always placed at the same position, even when the nozzle is being replaced.

LUGOLABS’s third technology is the Fila-box, which protects material from moisture in the air. The Fila-box really completes the package of LUGO G3’s unique technologies.

The Fila-box maintains humidity below 15-20% with low electricity. This prevents materials from absorbing moisture, and leads to high quality outputs. Material drying systems are usually equipped in expensive industrial printers, as these are required when using higher grade engineering plastic.

However, LUGO G3 succeeded in downsizing this technology, and modified the Fila-box for use in a desktop printer. Additionally, by using a H13 grade Carbon-HEPA filter and backward-facing fan used in air circulation for cars, LUGO G3 relieves you of having to worry about purifying the gas made during your prints.

LUGO G3 is launching on March 28, and its funding campaign will last for 1 month. Maintenance for the product will be provided by the LUGOLABS website. If there are any issues with the printer, a 6 month warranty will be provided.

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