‘Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update and review with Henry Halladay’ is preparing to deliver its season one finale. For the past year, fans have tuned in quarterly to catch former Boeing engineer and tech enthusiast, Dr. Henry Halladay.

BELLEVUE, WA, February 07, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — For nearly 12 months, thousands of visitors have flocked to www.LearnWithHenry.com, the website that is home to the groundbreaking podumentary series, Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update and Review with Henry Halladay. With three episodes already under his belt, Dr. Halladay plans to launch the fourth and final installment in late February 2020. This highly anticipated episode will focus on a wide-ranging technology overview, as well as a thorough explanation of Dr. Halladay’s own experience living with technology; a subject matter introduced in the very first episode, but now receiving the host’s full attention. Additionally, the series finally touches on the enigmatic, yet growing world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and more.

As the man behind Halladay Engineering, whose equally popular website also hosts the show, Dr. Henry Halladay is a highly skilled and respected engineer. With a BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D., Dr Halladay was an asset to the Boeing Company, lending his expertise to a multitude of different sectors including aerospace subsystems, communication systems, satellite components and computer simulations. Prior to the formation of his Halladay Engineering legacy brand, he had secured four patents and countless awards which can be viewed here.

Having always had a keen interest in the future of technology and engineering, Dr. Halladay wanted to use his knowledge and experience to discuss the not-too-distant future with the general public. Over the course of this celebrated podumentary series (a format that fuses the best parts of podcasts and documentaries) he has examined driverless automobiles and automobile technology, home appliances, actuators and connectivity, manufacturing, advancements in medicine, 5G technology, 3D printing and cloud computing to name a few.

Each episode examines both the pros and cons of the various covered topics, looking at how they integrate into the workplace and world around us. Often looming over the proceedings is the scepter of Big Brother, author George Orwell’s fictional creation featured in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which has gone on to become a cultural touchstone and cautionary tale. Halladay himself rarely, if ever, references this now-more-realistic-than-ever situation by name, but its suggestion hangs over every episode as we hurtle towards a future that’s uncertain at best.

While the first season of Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update and Review with Henry Halladay will be coming to an end during this first quarter of 2020, fans will not have to wait long for the next installment with the series already renewed for a second season. This new quartet of episodes will not only cover many exciting, new technology topics, it will also revisit season one episodes to update the subject matter as the world changes. Neither the show’s producers nor Dr. Halladay intend to leave much of a gap between seasons (they know how frustrating that can be) there will be additional, exclusive content released in between seasons. A very special Q&A episode is planned for the near future, which will be presented strictly as an audio program, unlike the main show which deals in both sights and sounds. This question-and-answer format will allow Dr. Halladay to tackle unscheduled issues in a more improvisational fashion. Fans can expect to hear a different side of Henry during this mini-episode as he navigates a large swath of topics in a looser environment.

On the topic of the main podumentary episodes, Dr. Henry Halladay had this to say about the upcoming season finale: “There is a clear interest in the world of technology and what lies ahead for us in the near future. Over the past decade the world has changed to a staggering degree, and these innovations are showing no signs of slowing down. In the season one finale of my show I explore an overview of my own home technology as well as blockchain in the use of development, manufacturing, and production.

“I’m also very excited to begin work on the second season of this show. Much like technology itself, the goal of our show is to always improve and build upon what we’ve already established—to always be learning.”

For more information on Dr. Henry Halladay and to hear the previous three episodes of Learn Learn Learn, head over to www.HalladayEngineering.com and www.LearnWithHenry.com, respectively.

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