Full CMOS Monolithic 3D IC

PORTLAND, OR, July 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — BeSang Inc., a pioneer in monolithic 3D IC technologies in Portland, Oregon, introduces “Full CMOS Monolithic 3D IC” which enables full CMOS circuitry formation in 3D. As of today, immature trials have been exercised by many companies and research institutes. However, none of these previous attempts were practical for mass production. This full CMOS monolithic 3D IC takes numerous considerations, such as processing temperature, cost of total wafer processing, materials, number of mask steps, device reliability, process and device uniformity, tools, CMOS logic formation, transistor scaling, etc. More critically, 3D routing is an important technical consideration for this full CMOS monolithic 3D IC because monolithic 3D IC changes the routing from a horizontal direction to a vertical one.

“We poured enormous efforts and resources on the development of full CMOS monolithic 3D IC. BeSang has filed 14 new patents regarding full CMOS monolithic 3D IC.,” states Sang-Yun Lee, CEO of BeSang Inc. “On the economy side, conventional 2D IC based on Moore’s Law already faces its end of lifespan at around 14nm. On the performance side, monolithic 3D IC must be better than any other advanced 2D IC thanks to short vertical 3D interconnects between functional blocks. Now the semiconductor industry should think outside box of Moore’s Law and continue CMOS scaling to a vertical direction simply because that is undoubtedly the right direction of semiconductor scaling.”

BeSang is the FIRST and ONLY company which successfully implemented monolithic 3D IC in the semiconductor industry. BeSang is a fabless semiconductor company developing high-density and ultra-low cost semiconductor memory products and technologies along with IP development. BeSang is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. Additional information is available at www.besang.com.

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