Kennedy Says Debates Will Let Schiff Call Her A Racist To Her Face

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, April 16, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today Ronda Kennedy, the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in California’s 30th District, announces that she is challenging Adam Schiff to a series of debates throughout the 30th District. Kennedy says the debates will provide Schiff the opportunity to call her a racist to her face rather than hide behind fundraising appeals calling her a racist. These fundraising appeals are a sign of how desperate Schiff is, as Kennedy would make history as the first African American female to represent California’s 30th District. Kennedy said the debates will provide voters with a clear choice for their next U.S. Representative. Kennedy wants to hear how Schiff will address the failure of the Biden Administration with rising crime, crippling inflation, and a supply chain shortage. She said the voters also need to hear from Schiff the role that he played in Hillary’s ‘Russiagate’ sham that led to the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. Kennedy proposes the debates to be Lincoln/Douglas style in format.

“America is at a crossroads in this election,” said Ronda Kennedy. “We can continue down the road of Adam Schiff and Joe Biden, of high crime, out of control inflation, an immigration disaster at our border, appeasement abroad, and empty shelves at home or we can embark on an American First agenda that will make America once again that shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan spoke about. I think Adam Schiff and I owe it to the voters to debate throughout the district to present our two different visions for America in a Lincoln/Douglas style format.

“I also want to see if Adam Schiff has the courage to say to my face that I am a racist as he has in his email fundraising,” concluded Kennedy. “I know the voters will like to see this also and see what type of person Adam Schiff truly is.”

Ronda Kennedy is currently a practicing lawyer in Ventura County as well as the Dean of a California law school. She lives in Oak Park with her husband Michael and is a mother of six including her seven-year-old triplets, Annabel, Bianca, and Liam.

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