NASHVILLE, TN -Metro police accused a truck driver of disturbed strike Tuesday morning after he supposedly hit a lady a few times on Interstate 40 in Davidson County.

Officers captured Matthew Cunningham at Tri Star Transport, LLC, where he works as a truck driver.

Deborah Alston said she was driving on I-40 at roughly 8 a.m. also, exchanged paths close Briley Parkway and Spence Lane.

Alston said a tanker truck tapped her from behind. At first and foremost, she thought it was a mishap. But Alston claimed over the course of a mile, the driver hit her seven more times.

“Did he jeopardize my life as well as all the drivers around me,” Alston said.

Tri Star suspended Cunningham after the episode, as per Safety Director Pat Leding.

“It’s not acceptable and we will manage that when we have all the data we need,” Leding said in a phone interview Tuesday night.

Tri Star drivers have likewise been included in no less than four accidents since 2013, as indicated by FMCSA records.

The information does not show whether the drivers were at fault.

Alston endured minor wounds after the episode. She was released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Tuesday evening.

The difficulty left indents on Alston’s Buick, however she said the emotional scars run much more profound.