As with everything, the etiquette of trick or treating occasionally goes astray. There are certain groups in society that are fearful of this day. Such groups include the elderly, pets and young children to name but a few.

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The Changing Face of Halloween

It’s almost upon us! It’s that time of year when we must dig into the back of our closets and take out that scary witch mask or ghoul costume – yes, it’s Halloween! October 31st – that special day when it’s customary to travel from house-to-house carrying a carved out pumpkin, trick or treating!

History of Halloween
The concept of ‘trick or treating’ is in fact a relatively modern custom but the origins are steeped much deeper in history.

The concept of offering something at the doorstep in return for food or drink goes back way beyond the middle ages and crosses the oceans to Scotland, Ireland and England. It is only since the late 1920’s that Halloween has been a popular tradition in the US.

The earliest recording of the term “trick or treat” appeared in 1927, in Blackie, Alberta in which “Hallowe’en provided an opportunity for real strenuous fun”. And that is where it sits now. Today, it is all about fun. Well at least in theory.

Is Trick or Treating Really Fun?

Of course, for children, yes it is!

However, as with everything, the etiquette of trick or treating occasionally goes astray. There are certain groups in society that are fearful of this day. Such groups include the elderly, pets and young children to name but a few.

It is not uncommon that many homes choose to leave lights off in a hope that the trick or treaters will hurry past onto the next house that offers more delights and treats.

And that is just part of the problem.

With most householders fearing a ‘trick’, treats are the preferred option. But these treats are ladened with sugar (not to mention additives and preservatives – exactly what you don’t want your children to eat just before bedtime or, in fact, at all).

Whatsmore, we do not have control over what other people give out during trick or treating. Every year we are faced with an abundance of messages on social media, that provide warnings about dangerous and unhealthy treats that are being dished out to trick or treaters. Never mind the sugar, it is not unheard of that some people give things that are inedible and not fit for human consumption. This is not only harmful for the teeth but is in fact very dangerous. With so many allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities, we need to be vigilant and aware like never before. This education and awareness also needs to be passed onto our children who are at risk and vulnerable to say the least.

Millions of dollars are spent each year on candy for Halloween. Stores are packed full of candy months before and the bottom line is that we can’t avoid this holiday, kids love it. But the pitfalls leave many parents shaking in their shoes.

However, things can be different.

Healthy Alternatives to Sugar Loaded Candy

Luckily, there are things that we can substitute to ensure that our kids’ health and well-being remains in tact! Check out the many sites online that provide details about caring for our little monsters in the healthiest way possible such as Mommy Authority. Some great alternatives to the sugar ladened candy include:

Small Toys

The list is endless when it comes to handing out small toys for Halloween. From key chains, glow sticks to bracelets, you can make your gifts Halloween themed to make it just that bit more special. Fun and healthier to say the least.


Cut-up apples are a great alternative to unhealthy sugary treats. Deseed and cut up the apple into pieces, and serve it on a nice plate. You can drizzle with honey for added taste and nutritional value.

Bags of Trail Mix

Take the time to make these yourself, with your kids. Use raisins, selected nuts, organic choc chips, banana chips, sunflower seeds and shredded coconut. Put a tablespoon of each into a clear cellophane bag and seal tightly with a nice ribbon tie. To be nut friendly, take out the nuts.

Organic Candy

There are some great online stores that offer organic healthy candy. They are often manufactured using yummy flavors and ingredients with only natural food coloring. And of course, they use less sugar too which is always an added bonus!

Granola Bars

If you have the time, check out some great recipes for granola bars on Pinterest. Make these ahead of time (1-2 days before) and use ingredients such a blown rice, organic choc chips, raisins and seeds. Wrap them in greaseproof paper and tie with string. These are a great healthy treat – even for adults!

Stickers or Temporary Tattoos

These can be picked up quite cheaply in dollar stores and are a great, visually fun way to celebrate Halloween. Try make the stickers Halloween themed, so make sure to incorporate ghosts, witches, black cats and pumpkins etc.


Yup, give out toothbrushes! Why not? Make sure that they are individually wrapped and hygienically sealed. It is a great way of getting the message across to children. If nothing else, it will give the parents a laugh!

Bring it Home

Educate your children to bring home their loot. Together, you can go through it and decide what you feel is healthy to eat or not. Anything that falls outside of the parameters of what you would like your children to eat can be thrown away. General rule – if in any doubt – out!

Halloween – The Bottom Line

Don’t get too hung up on the negative aspects of Halloween. Remember, it is meant to be something that is enjoyed and fun! It can be something very special for the children. Just make sure to go in with your eyes and mind open to better understand what healthier options you can adopt to make this a more wholesome and fulfilling experience.

Happy Halloween!

Sourced By: Mommy Authority

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