Shincheonji Chairman Man-Hee Lee reveals the true meaning of the tree of life and the tree of good and evil in the Bible through an online seminar. Pastors have shown interest in a topic that has not been solved in the 6000-year history of the Bible.

GWACHEON, KOREA, September 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Shincheonji Church of Jesus, through its Chairman, Man-hee Lee, held an online seminar on August 20th on the topic of ‘The Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil’. The ‘tree of life’ and ‘tree of good and evil’ are two topics from the Bible that has gained much interest from believers around the world. This is due to the fact that for the past 6,000 years of biblical history, no one has been able to interpret its meaning and thus, it has been recognized as a difficult problem in the Bible. For about an hour in this seminar, Chairman Lee explained in detail the true meaning and interpretation of the tree of life and the tree of good and evil, which are recorded throughout the Bible.

Through this seminar that was released on the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Chairman Lee said, “You must have been very curious about what is the tree of good and evil that makes you die if you eat it, and what is the tree of life that leads to eternal life if you eat it. It is because they do not have common sense and knowledge about good and evil and the tree.”

He continued saying, “In Genesis 2–3, God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any tree in the garden except the tree of good and evil. And when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, of which God told them not to eat from, God drove them out of the Garden of Eden and blocked the way from entering. You can know from the Bible that the fruit of the tree of life is important and great because if you eat the fruit of the tree, you can live forever.”

Chairman Lee stated that the being in the book of Genesis who made Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit was the serpent. In the book of Revelation, the serpent is expressed as the dragon, Satan, and has deceived people and ruled the world for 6,000 years. This being that is compared to a ‘serpent’ appears in every age of the Bible and causes people to eat the ‘fruit of good and evil’ just like in Genesis. For this reason, he emphasized that believers must clearly know what the ‘serpent’, ‘tree of life’, and ‘tree of good and evil’ are in the age in which they live.

The word ‘tree’ in the Bible means ‘a person’. In John chapter 15, Jesus said, “I am the true vine”. In Isaiah chapter 5, the people of Israel are compared to a “vineyard” where there are many vines. Chairman Lee said, “Then, is there a tree of life and a tree of good and evil today?” He said, “God ends all work in the book of Revelation and creates a new age of God. It is important for believers today to know what the tree of life and the tree of good and evil are in the book of Revelation that we face today and realize that this is not the historical content but it is prophecy to be fulfilled.”

He continued, “The ‘tree of good and evil’ does not appear in the book of Revelation, but it is recorded as Babylon, a beast with seven heads and ten horns, and a harlot. Just as the devil destroyed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, in Revelation, this tree of good and evil is like a prostitute and the whole world fell with the wine of adultery.
The 12 tribes of Shincheonji, which were harvested and sealed by those born of God’s seed, are the tree of life, and the word of truth that comes out of this tree is the fruit of the tree of life.”

Lastly, Chairman Lee said, “Even if I look around the whole world, there is no place like Shincheonji that was created according to the Bible. Heaven and God will come here and we will live together forever.”

According to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, about 7,000 pastors from home and abroad participated in this seminar. Believers who are interested in the tree of life and the tree of good and evil are also showing high interest, leading to inquiries about follow-up education. A Shincheonji Church of Jesus official said, “It is true that the seminar targets the pastors of the world because they have extensive knowledge of the Bible. We will continue to conduct online seminars in the future.”

The online seminar can be viewed through the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church of Jesus found here.

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