Chef, business owner and philanthropist Ebony Austin has created her own Grit line available in three different flavors. There’s garlic herb, jalapeño cheddar, and original available for purchase via Shopify and at the Jonesboro location only.

ATLANTA, GA, March 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — For those who have had the pleasure of eating at the most popular new establishment in Jonesboro, Georgia called Nouveau on Broad Street. You have more than likely been very acquainted with the menu. From the fried lobster tails, sticky ribs (made with a special Nouveau batter and Ebony Austin’s specialty seasonings), lamb chops and house special feature “The Ultimate” Shrimp, Salmon, Crab meat and grits to name a few. Now lets elaborate on the grits. The patrons have raved so much, and the reviews were so high concerning the amazing “grits” that the owner wanted to make them available for you to make it at home.

Effective March 12th, 2022 you will be able to purchase the grits on Shopify or at the local restaurant College Park or Jonesboro locations. There are three different flavors of the packages. The flavors are garlic herb, jalapeño cheddar, and original. Ms Austin chose this date as it has sentimental value. March 12th is the day her sweet grandmother passed away in death. Ebony was raised by her grandmother and wanted to pay homage to her by releasing her grits which they often made together several mornings.

The new girts add to the items on the menu that people have become addicted to. Patrons of Nouveau on Broad Street in Jonesboro experienced a never before seen Grand Opening hosted by Mimosa Jams back in July 2022 and now you have three new favorites to tell your friends about.

Chef/Business Owner and Philanthropist Ebony Ausatin loves to keep the #NouveauCommunity in Jonesboro excited and always wondering what’s next. We hope to see you on Sunday. Remember to make your reservation online as there will be a huge celebration taking place at our Mimosa Brunch all weekend hosted by the Mimosa Jam Team.

Nouveau Bar & Grill is located in College Park, and Jonesboro Georgia, Click to see the menu.

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