The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of IListUGo to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

TORONTO, ON, April 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — IListUGo gets listed on THE OCMX™

iListUGo provides the ultimate connectivity platform for local businesses around the world, encouraging communities to explore and discover the businesses that are contributing to their local economies.

Through a combination of SEO, SMB Marketing, Click 2 Earn (C2E), Reviews and more, iListUGo works hard to accelerate local businesses’ visibility in their market, improve their scalability, enhance their sales focus, and generate productive quality leads.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of IListUGo to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on IListUGo and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous potential for this company.

The OCMX™ noted that IListUGo exhibits the main components of any solid opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and several key competitive advantages.

The momentum keeps building, as iListUGo continues to onboard small & medium businesses from around the world! is a premium Ai marketing tool that focuses on omnichannel marketing to generate organic user traffic on their platform.

Retailers can promote their business’ products and services to thousands of daily shoppers, subscription plans start as a freemium model and move to premium paid subscriptions. Merchants earn marketing credits that can be used on the platform or cashed out. Shoppers are incentivized to visit, browse and leave reviews on the platform with a Click 2 Earn program, the points can be redeemed for real gift cards or products.

• Self-sufficient eco-system that generates more revenue as it pays out more points & credits to users and merchants.
• Organic SEO growth embedded into Google, Bing, Facebook, TikTok and, other social media networks.
• Enhanced merchant listings with video descriptions, QR codes, and personalized badges included for all listings.
• QR Codes for shops to display in-store or on marketing material to increase their omni-channel presence.
• Artificial-Intelligent search system to connect customers to merchants of interest, in-turn creating better leads for merchants.
• Dedicated listing concierge that assists merchants with their listings and marketing efforts.

WHERE THEY ARE HEADED continues to onboard new retailers and shoppers daily and is expanding to include larger up-and-coming chain groups.

Q4 2022 iListUGo will begin working on Web 3.0 Metaverse shopping, to bring all local retailers into the next generation of e-commerce. 250,000sq ft of Metaverse land has already been purchased in a key high-traffic location where the “Plexyverse Entertainment” facilities will be set up. Complete AR/VR retail mall, along with a complete entertainment venue for live performances and events.

Jamie Smilovici, CEO & Co-Founder: Jamie has been referred to as a Futurist, with a good vision of upcoming trends 3-5 years out. Becoming a global traveler and setting up international business opportunities from Canada, United States, Israel, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti & Dominican Republic, and China, he has gained intensive knowledge in; sales & marketing, import/export, logistics and manufacturing. He has 20+ years as a successful entrepreneur in telecom & marketing and handles overall site performance, sales and marketing.

Harmen Raza, COO & Co-Founder: Harmen has over 12 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in sales & marketing and directed software engineering teams. His key focus is to manage customer support and development teams. He has gained experience in Retail and wholesale markets from Southeast Asia, Middle East and the US. Self-Learner with an ability to understand, adopt and implement, Harmen puts things in perspective and creates operational structures and manages resources that can drive growth.

Wing Lee, Director of Sales: Lee has over 25 years’ experience in sales and distribution with global enterprises such as Ingram Micro. He handles corporate accounts and directs the global sales team members. He has expertise in International Trade and business development, covering various global geographies.

Ashir Butt, Head Developer: Ashir has over 15 years’ experience developing full-stack, interoperable web-structures with advanced smart-data knowledge bases. He manages the overall development, databases & system engineering teams. His skills include PHP (Laravel) coding, making professional websites, managing back-end services, and maintaining data between the server and the users.

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