Rogue Space has been selected for up to $2.75M in funding through SpaceWERX Orbital Prime initiative by the U.S. Space Force.

LACONIA, NH, May 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rogue Space Systems, an orbital services provider, has had 11 of their 13 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I proposals selected for up to $2.75M in funding through the SpaceWERX Orbital Prime initiative by the U.S. Space Force. Rogue had proposed a total of 13 STTRs, all of which were selected and 11 of which were funded. These upcoming contracts are to advance technologies ranging from space debris removal and mitigation to servicing in-space assets such as satellites and space stations. Winning these STTRs will allow Rogue to scale their engineering team and drive forward technology that will impact the future of on-orbit servicing. Being selected for a single contract is a breakthrough for many startups, but being selected for 11 is beyond extraordinary.

“[SpaceWERX] transitions agile, affordable, and accelerated capabilities by teaming innovative technology developers with Airmen and Guardian talent. [The Orbital Prime initiative] inspires and empowers collaboration with innovators to accelerate capabilities and shape our future in space. Major technology trends that affect our national security continue to emerge from private industry, academia, and the government.” [1]

“Being a startup in any industry is difficult, especially if you are in the space industry. As many have said, space is hard. Fortunately, the SpaceWERX program has provided unparalleled mentorship and guidance to Rogue and our partners throughout the Orbital Prime initiative,” says Rogue CEO Jeromy Grimmett. “Now it’s up to us here at Rogue to show that we can not only win, but we can scale and deliver. Anyone that knows this team and how we operate will attest that we are ready for these challenges. For us, this victory is our way of saying, ‘We are Rogue, and we are HERE.'”

The United States Space Force acknowledging that debris in low-earth orbit is going to be a major issue creates an instant market in the space economy. In 2021, there was more mass launched into space in a single year than all the mass launched each year since the beginning of the Space Age combined. The future of the space ecosystem is dependent on debris removal and mitigation to ensure that active assets are not compromised by out-of-control space junk.

About Rogue Space Systems Corporation
Rogue Space Systems Corporation is a Laconia, New Hampshire-based company that designs satellite vehicles and subsystems to provide on-orbit services to satellite operators. Founded in 2020, the Rogue team is building a fleet of Orbital Robots (Orbots™) that will perform a variety of services for orbital assets in LEO, MEO, and GEO including inspection, maintenance, repair, transport and more. The fleet is supported by a first of its kind AI-enabled sensory observation platform.

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About SpaceWERX Orbital Prime
Orbital Prime is a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program which requires bidding teams to include small businesses, as well as academic or nonprofit institutions. Businesses have to be at least 51% U.S. owned and operated, and the work has to be performed in the United States.

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