We are pleased to announce the completion of clinical papers that are being submitted for peer review and publication.

MEMPHIS, TN, March 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc.™ (OMCI), a holding company for the Facial Beauty Institute™, OrthoLogic™ Diagnostic Services and the ControlledArch™ System announced today completion of clinical results.

We are pleased to announce that the Facial Beauty Institute™, a wholly owned subsidiary of OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc.™ has completed and submitted two clinical papers for peer review and publication. “The recent clinical papers that have been submitted for peer review and publication focus on the biological process of how bone is absorbed and remodeled during properly indicated orthodontic treatment. Also, the roles of the oropharyngeal cavity and the nasopharyngeal cavity are discussed” stated Ben Shappley, Chairman, President and CEO. Mr. Shappley further stated “We are pleased that the continuing market acceptance and proven results of OrthoMatrix’s Osseo-Restore™ appliances is and continues to be encouraging as we continue to focus on safe, clinically proven, cost-effective patient care.”


The concern OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc. ™ (OMCI) is a holding company for the Facial Beauty Institute™, OrthoLogic™ and the ControlledArch™ System. The Company is a market leader for advanced orthodontic reconstruction, bone growth and bone remodeling platforms. The Facial Beauty Institute™ is an Internationally-recognized, certified practitioner training and certification concern for complex case treatment plans based on individual patient needs. All courses and seminars are accredited by the Academy of General Dentistry (PACE) Program Approved Continuing Education. The OrthoLogic™ program is a provider service that offers individualized complex patient diagnostic treatment plans that focuses on a highly technical process of unique radiographic and anatomy tracing process that is studied and reviewed at every step of patient treatment by a staff of highly-qualified known orthodontic specialists, maxillofacial radiologists and biomedical engineers. This individualized case-by-case process is intense and is designed to offer the provider a highly desirable cost-effective treatment option for the patient. Controlled Arch™ is a patent pending system that incorporates the latest scientific and clinical techniques to remodel the bone structure by controlling torque and tooth movement resulting in a very predictable desired outcome. OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc. is headquartered just outside of Memphis in Germantown, Tennessee.


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