Structured and Concrete Approach to Ace IP Chemistry

SINGAPORE, January 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Making Sense has developed a separate syllabus for IP chemistry tuition Singapore. The Integrated Programme allows the students, who have scored excellent marks in secondary schools, to skip the O-level exam and to appear for the A-level exam.

Their structured IP-chemistry tuition program ensures that each student scores higher marks in their school examinations. According to Mr. William Lin, the grouping of ‘IP Chemistry’ students, using a separate learning program that focuses on their unique needs, has enhanced their learning experience. The structured syllabus for chemistry tuition integrated program includes questions of higher-order thinking and special study material. Mr. Lin claims that the study materials are more comprehensive than the study materials of Singapore’s top schools. The success rate of students from Making Sense attests to this claim.

For IP chemistry students,
• Making Sense have multiple brainstorming sessions
• They arrange for intense discussions on different topics
• They review numerous examination scripts to search for the popular questions

It’s no wonder that Making Sense has been awarded as the best institute for chemistry tuition in Singapore. In Making Sense, students learn how to

• Perform step-by-step analysis of each question
• Develop their chain of thoughts
• Find the right keywords

Making Sense has enabled the students to think like a marker with higher order thinking questions. They train the students in order to strengthen their understanding of the concepts and to apply their concepts in unfamiliar contexts. They have researched on the best way to score distinction in IP programme and have always provided the students with useful worked examples, notes, tests questions and summaries to score higher marks in the exam.

Making Sense is an award-winning chemistry tuition centre in Singapore for ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level students. For more details, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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