Workplace violence is an extremely serious problem that often goes unaddressed until it’s too late. Nagele, Knowles & Associates specialize in the issue and help provide solutions to reducing workplace violence.

CLEARWATER, FL, March 05, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bullying, along with sexual harassment, is a huge headache for employers. Both are actually forms of Workplace Violence. Worker-to-worker and supervisor-to-employee bullying can ravage an organization both culturally and economically, so more companies are starting to make Anti-Bullying Training a top-priority.

Why? Because one of the biggest financial and PR disasters your organization could face stems from Workplace Violence; a revenge-induced shooting incident, disrupted business, or a highly publicized bullying/harassment/sexual harassment case that impacts your brand and reputation. Having a respectful workplace can curb that!

Bullying is often associated with school bullying, yet the cold hard facts are that bullies are extending their bad behavior into the workplace, big time. Both OSHA and the EEOC expect employers to provide safe workplaces—physically and psychologically. The harmful incidents and the resultant fines are epidemic in number and staggering in costs, compelling employers to be proactive. The professionals at Nagele Knowles and Associates are working in this space to help employers and workers to co-create better- behaving, more respectful workplaces, while reducing the risk of Workplace Violence.

It definitely impacts the bottom line. The results are not just in producing a negative working environment, but the loss of profit in decreased productivity, higher rates of turnover and increased lawsuit exposures. What many employers don’t get is that Workplace Violence is a continuum, stemming from incivilities to bullying to harassment, and to vengeful acts. When these bad behaviors are not stopped, then the escalation continues. Claire Knowles, Human Resources/Leadership Advisor at Nagele Knowles and Associates, notes that if you really think about it, you can be home-growing your very own active shooter, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, one of the most common forms of workplace violence is of the psychological nature. Bullying, intimidation, and verbal threats are the least reported, but are the most common forms of workplace violence. Workplace bullying and harassment can often lead to serious legal ramifications against employers. Before you face such litigation, employers need to be aware of the Respectful Workplace policies and training guidelines and requirements to combat bullying and harassment.The professionals at Nagele Knowles and Associates stresss the importance of having face to face learning dialogues, including the “what to do in the moment” when incivilities, bullying or harassment takes place so that its stopped in its tracks. Employers can’t afford to claim ignorance to hostile behaviors happening and toxic workplace environments that may be forming. It can no longer be condoned.

Finding the right company to deliver what is needed can be a challenge. It starts with having an Inside Cultural Assessment conducted, as well as a Facilities Security Vulnerability Assessment so you know where you stand, and what needs to be done first. The experienced advisors at Nagele Knowles and Associates are well versed in areas of Human Resources, Workplace Violence Prevention, Safety, Security, Leadership, Law Enforcement and Active Shooter protocol. Their in-group safe dialog process, called the STOP IT Process (I-T stands for Incivil Treatment) works. Everything from implementing policies to contentious employee termination procedures, to training to roll out, they can help ensure the right choice has been made.

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