Two young entrepreneurs share what they discovered in the “Online Coaching” space

CHICAGO, IL, August 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The internet has created wave after wave of big opportunities for everyday individuals to make money. People from all over the world can do almost anything, while working from almost anywhere. Sounds pretty appealing right? It would only make sense that an industry around teaching people how to do just that would emerge. Over the last five years especially, that’s exactly what’s happened as the “Online Coaching” world has quietly become one of the largest sectors in internet business. This last week, we had the opportunity to speak with two young men who have been “inside” the industry.

Tommy Dolan and Nickolas Allen met while both working for an “Online Coach”.

“I met Nick when he was working in sales for a pretty big business coach in the online fitness space. I had got hired through IG to do this coach’s website and we instantly hit it off. Being the youngest two involved, we formed a relationship. I ended up getting a bunch of website referral work for other online coaches and Nick ended up taking a better position with a different coach as well. Afterwhile of staying in touch, we had both seen so many of the same patterns throughout the industry that we had to come together and make a move on filling the gaps we had been seeing,” Dolan explained.

When asked about those gaps in the coaching industry, Tommy laughed and turned it over to Nick.

“Almost all of “Coaching” is poorly repackaged content from another coach, and then pushed hard on people who are really desperate for change. Some of the high level guys are good, but here’s the real deal, I’ve seen hundreds of students come through different coaching programs, and the truth is they don’t need to pay someone to tell them what to do. Especially, since at least 80% of these guys are fake experts. These people need to pay someone to do something for their business at an extremely high level for them. If you’re going to make it, it’s because you are charismatic, persistent , and can genuinely solve a problem for a group of people. You can find all the information you need for free without spending 10k on these coaching programs. You need to be spending money on things that put you in an entirely different category than your competitors.”

According to these two, people new to the online business world need to be wary. Tommy and Nick now have a business around educating the market about the space and how to navigate it without being taken advantage of. Their main takeaway from being “Inside” the space? To spend your money with business/people who actually have to work and deliver something for your business, not “coaches’ ‘.

Check out, to see what Nick and Tommy are working on currently.

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