The California State University, Long Beach student gets $2,500 for her public service announcement video.

TAMPA, FL, April 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Since the first time I drove behind the wheel, I understood the importance of making the road safe for myself and others,” Alyssa Gorman told representatives of Distasio Law Firm. “Whenever I drive, I vow to never touch my phone. I rely on adjusting GPS before I drive and asking my passengers to help make phone calls for me.”

The California State University, Long Beach art student was drawn to Distasio Law Firm’s Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship because she realized that her artistic talents could be put to good use.

“When I saw this prompt geared towards teenagers and cell phone usage, I knew immediately I had to use my artistic skills to submit a video pertaining to the dangers of texting and driving for young individuals,” she said.

Gorman created a YouTube video detailing the connection between distracted driving and wrecks and injuries. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranks distracted driving as one of leading causes of car crashes across the nation.

Currently pursuing her undergraduate degree, Alyssa Gorman plans to get a Master of Fine Arts degree as well before becoming a college professor. “My focus will be in figure drawing and painting classes, as I am fascinated by the human figure,” she writes. “My intention is to help my students learn and grow as artists.”

About Distasio Law Firm

Headquartered in Tampa, Distasio Law Firm is a personal injury firm that represents clients throughout Florida. Car crash lawsuits are among the most common cases the firm takes on, highlighting how seriously distracted driving can endanger and impact a person’s life. On behalf of the many people injured by these wrecks, Distasio Law Firm seeks to encourage safe driving habits and spread the word about distracted driving through this scholarship.

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