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OCEANSIDE, CA, October 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Katie works with medically fragile children, is an astounding mindset coach and a new bestselling author. She successfully combines her techniques for work life balance with the demanding environment of healthcare for multiple dynamic careers.

In her new book, Katie provides the tools and encouragement to grasp work-life balance. You don’t have to overwork yourself to be successful in your career and she shows you how not to. Katie empowers you to take those steps of self-care that seem so out of reach. Don’t lose your excitement to the negativity surrounding the start of a high demand career. You can have it all. You can have an outstanding career, fulfilling dreams, completed financial goals, and thriving relationships. The tools, techniques, and inspiration are broken down in this amazing guide.

In a recent interview with Thriving Entrepreneur host Steve Kidd, Katie said, “People sometimes lose sight of their own goals and vision when they’re caring for other people so much. So what we do toward the end of the book is to really start to set intentions for what it is you really want. Why is it that you began your career in healthcare? What is it that’s pushing you every single day to show up in this world? What is it? Because that’s the only thing that’s gonna really get you through.”

“If you’re a healthcare professional I encourage you to get this book. Make sure that you are making a priority in your life creating self-care; creating a lifestyle that allows you to take good care of yourself too.” -Steve Kidd, KIDD Marketing & Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show.

Katie worked hard through school, passing the boards, and training. She landed her dream job as a pediatric occupational therapist. In the beginning of her career, that was all that Katie focused on. It was expected that you wouldn’t feel confident and would have to put in unpaid and weekend work to become successful. She began planning an escape.

Joining a gym with friends gave Katie the boost she needed to begin paying attention to all aspects of her life rather than just her work. She began attending mindset classes and, combining her personal experiences and growth, became an empowering mindset coach herself while still excelling as an occupational therapist. She started focusing on and making goals for each section of her life and working on improving each one of the little pieces. She now joyfully lives in balance.

As Katie watched friends and colleagues struggle through the same overwhelming feelings, she knew she wanted to help keep them from abandoning their dream they had strived so hard for. Katie developed a program and wrote her new bestselling book to share her experiences, tools, techniques, and power of living a balance life.

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