Celebrated educator and commentator, Barbara Taber, EdD, is rolling out her first book in a pioneering format allowing readers to experience her amazing story as it’s written. Her new website www.BarbaraTaber.com is where it’s all happening.

SUFFOLK, VA, July 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — “About the time I was 12 or 13, my Uncle Bob’s family was in a car accident near LaFollette, Tennessee. It was a rainy 4th of July; a drunk driver struck their car killing my aunt and her daughter. That was just about the last time I saw any of the boys from that branch of the family. Bobby, Tommy, Johnny, and Joey just disappeared from all family functions. My Uncle Bob moved three of the boys to Idaho with only Bobby staying behind in Tennessee. Yes, there’s more to the story and I’ll get to that a little on down the road.”

This anecdote hits the reader like a slap in the face somewhere toward the end of Chapter Two in Dr. Barbara Taber’s debut book, Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter. Told in her typically direct and conversational style, this memoir ventures deep into Dr. Taber’s past, which is peppered with laughter and tears, good times and bad.

On May 25th, Take It Or Leave It premiered on the author’s brand new website, www.BarbaraTaber.com, where it enjoyed widespread exposure throughout the mainstream media. The fact that it was covered by mainstream news affiliates, including CBS, NBC and Fox, shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Dr. Taber is no stranger to high profile and widespread news coverage. After all, she does host one of the most engaging, thought-provoking podumentary series out there, Take It Or Leave It: Dr. Barbara Taber Speaks (also the new book’s namesake).

However, before this past spring, Dr. Taber was not an author at all—save for her dissertation and various papers written throughout her esteemed career as an educator. This is new ground broken for her in a lifetime of breaking ground! The newly minted author is currently taking her place in the literary elite as she guides her audience through a historical deep dive. It is here that she has put her readers squarely in the passenger seat on this tour of her past, stirring up memories, places and characters so real you’ll swear you’ve encountered them before.

Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter allows her to explain—in her own words, finally—how a young girl of modest means, but with a good family, can become a startling success and influence all over the world. It is sure to be an entertaining, instructional, and relatable work that is sure to get people talking like only Barbara Taber can.

Using a pioneering format, much like her podumentary, this book is being rolled out in real time, quite literally as Dr. Taber writes and publishes it to the new website. Through this innovative, interactive arrangement, Dr. Taber hopes to achieve an intimacy and directness with her audience that no other literary format could possibly produce. Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter is a living, breathing work of art that will be subject to changes, updates, commentary, announcements, and exclusive content before its audience even finishes reading it!

For more information, or to jump right in and start reading today, please visit www.BarbaraTaber.com and see for yourself what everyone’s talking about!

To learn more about Dr. Barbara Taber in general, visit www.DrBarbaraTaberSpeaks.com.

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